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Apsauginiai akiniai komfortiniai | nerasojantys | juodi (YT-73703) Padidinti

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Apsauginiai akiniai komfortiniai | nerasojantys | juodi (YT-73703)

Product description
Protective glasses YT-73703 with gray lenses placed in frames of increased comfort. Depending on the degree of shade, the gray tint reduces bright light from entering. In protective glasses of this type, a filter is referred to as protection against glare from the sun. The lenses are covered with anti-fog and anti-scratch * coatings. The former prevents the glasses from fogging up, the latter protects them from excessive scratching. The lenses of the highest optical class do not distort the image, they also protect against harmful UV radiation. The frames have been equipped with a removable EVA frame, which limits the contact of hard elements around the eyes. Weighing only 31 grams and the soft, flexible and non-slip temple ends, the glasses are almost imperceptible on the head.

optical class: 1 - the highest quality of the field of view, recommended for continuous operation
filter with protection against solar glare: reference 5-3.1
resistance to particles with extreme temperatures confirmed by a certificate - T marking
lens material: polycarbonate
frame material: polypropylene + TPPE and EVA frame
The glasses have been certified for mechanical strength at the F level, i.e. they withstand the impact of a steel particle with a diameter of 6mm, weight 0.86g and speed 45m / s. They meet the requirements of EN 166

* Uncertified coatings in YT-73703 provide almost the same quality of performance as those marked with N and K, but with time their degradation is faster, and if stored improperly, they may not provide the same properties for more than a season or two. Glasses with certified coatings are also in our offer, e.g. YT-73765.

Protection category: II
Lenses: UV filter + sun glare protection
Material: Anti-fogging
Mechanical strength: F.
Grey colour
Gamintojas: YATO

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